Children Can Change the World ....?


Broadly speaking my work is divided between scenic (e.g. the Abbey Dore series) and serious (e.g. teh Aftermath series) with The Croww falling somewhere in between.  Some of my serious peices address political, topical or environmental issues.

21 (In Memoriam), Screenprint, 2015 – This image is an abstract representation of an event which took place in Libya in February 2015 and represents a new departure in my work (the use of symbolism).  Blue meets yellow, red mingles with the blue, twenty-one circles in “Guantanamo orange” (or what I call “George W Bush orange”) are lined up along the edge of the yellow.  This print uses both stencil and hand painted positives.  R.I.P.

 N.I.M.B.Y., Screenprint, 2005 & 2014/15 – This composition, based on a photograph published in the Independent, was originally done in 2005 as a small very rough screenprint.  I revisited it in 2014 with a view to making it “properly” as a poster addressing the conflicting issues of renewable energy sources and nimbyism.  The work was finished in June 2015 at a time when the debate was on-going and uses both stencil and hand drawn positives.

Children Can Change the World ….?, Mixed Media (household and acrylic paint, collage, and screenprint), 2015 – During my lifetime there have been a number of images that have become iconic and have had a major global impact.  The most recent of these (September 2015) featuring a small drowned Syrian boy made me recall others (the “Napalm Girl” in Vietnam, Eritrean / Ethiopian starving children; Malala) and this composition combines newspaper or magazine headlines (from both the time and later) reflecting the, often contradictory, consequences of the original event / photograph with pared down versions of those original images. (Acknowledgments: Nick Ut, Reuters).