Skyline Triptych


SKYLINE – On 11 September 2001 (“9/11”) the twin towers of the World Trade Centre (the tallest buildings on Manhattan) were destroyed.  This event was not only an iconic historical event but has a personal narrative as I used to go there from time to time for business meetings.  I am haunted by the way that this one act of terrorism has for ever changed one of the best known skylines in the world and the geopolitical landscape.

In 2007, whilst working on the idea of “A Sense of Place”, I drew three simple lines – before, after and future.  I envisaged these as screenprints or paintings but always together, as a triptych.  In 2014 I revisited the subject, drawing a new trio of outlines of New York.  These were realised as screenprints (Skyline Triptych): in black on white paper; in white on black paper; and in black diamond dust on black paper.  I then asked myself “what if”it had not been New York but somewhere else?  If you look at the skylines of other cities in other continents they are all essentially the same.  This led to my making Skyline Continuum using two vintage adding machines and drawing (to scale) continuous lines showing many skylines strung together.  This piece was shown in my Diversions show in 2015 and is about to be remade for my Birdland+ show.