Caves, Graves & Temples III (Sicily)


In July 2016 I made a set of Monotypes (Caves, Graves & Temples) by rolling ink onto a piece of acetate and then drawing into / removing it create the image followed by printing it onto damp paper on an etching press. These were the first images I had made using this method.  They are all based on photographs (both digital and 35 mm black and white) I have taken in Sicily, Malta and Northern Cyprus and the monochromatic nature of this medium is particularly suited to the subject matter: rock shaped and carved by Nature and/or Man featuring caves (etched by the sea), troglodyte graves (carved by Man in situ), and ancient temples where Man has hewn and moved the elements of the structure.

Later on in the year I made another set (Abbeys & Cathedrals) based on my photographs of various ruined Abbeys and Cathedrals.  Again the subject matter is stone but in this case shaped by Man, built and then destroyed.