Skyscape I

Recent Work

This purpose of this post is to show some of my latest work / work in progress from time to time.  Since the middle of 2016 I have made my first Monotypes (see Monotypes Post), attended a one week course at the Slade on photo etching (Trees & Roots), made some new screenprints (Valetta, Malta, Passariano, Italy I and II, Innsbruck, Austria I and II, and Aix – Homage à Cezanne ).  I have also started a new body of work (Skyscapes) based on my photographs of dawns over the sea at Eastbourne – including, so far, some carborundum collagraphs (Skyscape I, II, IV and V) together with a multi-layered / multi-coloured Monotype (Skyscape III) in all cases experimenting further with inking and mark-making.  A solar plate etching (New York, USA 1980) is based on one of my earliest photographs and continues the themes of reflections and distortions.  Trees & Roots II (2) is acrylic (paint, pen and ink, and Brushmarkers) on canvas and is the piece I made during my Black, White & Splashes of Colour show at the Hastings Arts Forum in May 2017.  I am now working on some new long and thin screenprints combined with woodcuts as part of the Trees & Roots body of work.