Trees & Roots IX

Trees & Roots

Trees and Roots is a new body of work which I started making in July 2016 which looks specifically at a combination of form, structure, and surface texture in relation to trees but, even more specifically although not exclusively, trees with externalized / above ground (even aerial) roots based on my own photographs (either digital or 35mm black and white film).

The first two works in this series are a photo polymer etching and a photo etching on copper (made during a Summer School at the Slade) whilst the third is a mixed media acrylic painting made in May 2017 at the Hastings Arts Forum Gallery at St Leonards-on-Sea during a solo show called Black, White & Splashes of Colour in which numbers I and II were shown for the first time.  Number IV (finished February 2018) is a screenprint with two layers of woodcuts embedded (between layers 7 and 8 out of 11!) following on from experiments I carried out during the last quarter of last year.  Number V (Silver Birches) comprises three separate monotype screenprints.  The dimensions of these works are also important (numbers IV and V, for instance, are approx 103 cms high x 39 cms wide whilst number VI (Blasted Trees) is of similar proportions but horizontal rather than vertical) as is colour (two further screenprints with embedded woodcuts (numbers X and XI)  are planned and will be in tones of blue and green respectively (approx. 79 cms high x 59 cms wide). Numbers VII and VIII are very small being Blasted Trees charcoal drawings and charcoal and Indian ink “rubbings” of the woodcuts respectively.  Number IX (the latest – finished May 2018) has multi-coloured sectional background overlayed by a single photograph and shows the Millenium Bridge (Tate Modern) together with Silver Birches and again is large (103 cms high x 59 cms wide). The two “triptychs” Silver Birches and Blasted Trees were shown at arts@thecrypt in Seaford recently as part of a Linchpin group show.

In case you’re wondering, the numbering system is purely sequential / chronological and of no other consequence!