As of January 2020 I (finally!) started work on a new body of work provisionally known as Lines looking at linear type structures often including their (distorted) reflections. Earlier work on this theme includes, for instance, Pylons (both drawings and photographs) and the screenprint San Francisco, USA. Think bridges, American freight trains, railway tracks, overhead wires, staircases, the underside of roofs (e.g. airport terminals), and certain architects (such as Calatrava and Candela, Piano and Rogers etc.).

These works will, as usual, be based on my own photographs (both digital and film) often just of tiny bits of a structure – distorted and out of context. The first image is a screenprint (Lines I – work in progress). As at March 2020 work has ground to a halt due to the coronavirus lock-down as both Volcanic Editions, Brighton and The Clay Workshop, Eastbourne have had to close their doors.

Once life returns to something like normal I will be working on more screenprints and will start experimenting with making porcelain plaques combining glazes, painting, and screenprinting – no idea how that will work out!

As with Trees & Roots there will be a sequential numbering system.

Lines 1 – screenprint (work in progress)