TEW Portrait 2 72My artistic practice is diverse involving various media (both 2D and 3D) partly because I tend to visualise a piece and then bring it to fruition using whatever is the most appropriate medium. Much of my work bridges the relationship between 2D and 3D, negative and positive including negative space, shadows, and reflections and, increasingly, between figuration and abstraction. Subject matter ranges from the serious to the scenic.  My work is often analytical – reducing images to their basic elements and then building them up again but often distorted or changed in some way.

During August 2015 I held a “one woman show” called Diversions at the Hastings Arts Forum (HAF), St Leonards on Sea. I used both galleries and showed a mixture of work including installations including Birdland 2 (an installation featuring The Crow) . During the show I worked on some new collages and was asked to make a collage in the same style (Beatlemania) in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Support.

Early in 2016, Birdland+, a much expanded version of The Crow installation including two new large mixed media oil on linen paintings, was shown at 54 The Gallery, Shepherd Market, London.  This show also featured the new collages I started making during the Diversions show and some other new work.  During that year my work was shown in various curated shows, in the Brighton Festival and at the Parallax Art Fair in London.

My most recent solo exhibition (Black, White & Splashes of Colour – May 2017) comprising 23 new prints of various types (made in a single six-month period – July 2016 and January 2017) was held in Gallery 1 of the Hasting Arts Forum.  Again, during the show I was in the gallery a lot of the time making some work. Also during 2017 my work could be seen in various group / curated shows.

The year of 2017 saw little by way of completed new works but was a year of experiment and development (including embedding woodcuts within screenprints) which was translated into a strong programme of work (Trees & Roots) through 2018 continuing into 2019 and probably beyond.  During 2018 a selection of my prints (of various types) were in the Martyrs’ Gallery Summer Salon 2018 in Lewes as part of the Lewes Artwave and, earlier in the year, an installation called IT together with some Trees & Roots were in a show in The Crypt, Seaford put on by the Linchpin Graphics group of artists.  The Group’s work (including my Caves, Graves & Temples series of monotypes) can currently be seen at the Da Vinci Hotel and Art Gallery in Eastbourne.

I have gone back to ceramic sculpture (after about 13 years!) and one piece was recently shown in St Leonards (see below) whilst another is being worked on and a third one is at the planning stage.

I continue to show my work from time to time in curated or group shows and recently held a solo show called Of Trees and Roots and ……………… ) in Gallery 2 of the Hastings Arts Forum featuring the Trees & Roots series.  Looking at the future, March 2021 should see another solo show (this time at the Birley Centre in Eastbourne).  This will again feature Trees & Roots but almost certainly also include work looking at structures involving lines, grids etc. together with their reflections (probably combining screenprinting with etching and currently in the planning stage).