A Miscellany

A few bits and bobs:


Bird Flight 2, screenprint, 2015 – I have long been fascinated by the early experiments in under-standing movement (e.g. Eadweard Maybridge’s work which itself was based on that of Marey) and this tied in with my exploring the use of multiple separation photographic positives in screenprinting. Therefore, I took a well-known early chrono-photographie taken by Etienne-Jules Marey (1830-1904) which is sometimes called Bird flight 2 and digitally enhanced it to produce an image which I think emphasises the sensation of movement. Why pink? A lot of people think the birds are Flamingos (they’re not).

Lost, mixed media diptych, 2014 – My Mum loved shopping, particularly for clothes and accessories.  She died a few days before Christmas 2013 and afterwards I sent her personal effects to charity but amongst them found some single earrings.  I hate shopping but love socks and had kept four of my favourite (but singular) ones for many years. The image of my mother that I have used is, I think, her one and only passport photograph (taken in the mid 1960s when she was about 40).