Skyscape IV


Skyscapes – We moved to Eastbourne in 2009 and, during the winter months, we have a spectacular view from our bedroom window of the sun rising over the sea.  Since that time I have taken around three and a half thousand digital photographs of the dawn sky.  From time to time I have also taken night-time views.  In 2016, as was always the intention, I finally started using these photographs as source material with a view to creating, over time, a large body of work (in a similar way to The Crow) and made numbers I to V.  However, after a short while I then started on Trees & Roots instead then followed by Lines and more Trees & Roots so didn’t return to Skyscapes until 2022 when I started making a series of monoprints (multiple screen).  These are currently work in progress.

Skyscapes I and II are my first works using the medium of Carborundum with resin and catalyst onto an acrylic plate and were made during the same session.

Skyscape III is my first multi-layer coloured Monotype.

Skyscape IV again uses the medium of Carborundum but is based on one of the night time photographs.

Skyscape V also uses the medium of Carborundum.