TEW Portrait 2 72

My artistic practice is diverse involving various media (both 2D and 3D). This is partly because I tend to visualise a piece and then bring it to fruition using whatever is the most appropriate medium. Much of my work bridges the relationship between 2D and 3D, negative and positive including negative space, shadows, and reflections and, increasingly, between figuration and abstraction. My work is often analytical – reducing images to their basic elements and then building them up again but often distorted or changed in some way.

Subject matter ranges from the serious to the scenic (see various Posts).  However, within this there are three large mixed media, on-going bodies of work covering recurrent themes:  The Crow / Birdland; Trees & Roots; and Lines (see individual Posts and also Shows & Installations).  The first two have featured in various solo and group shows over the years but, so far, only one small piece from Lines has been shown publicly (due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has, of course, radically reduced opportunities to show work).

Looking to the future, there are plans to hold a solo show in the Birley Centre, Eastbourne including Trees & Roots but also featuring pieces from Lines.  Originally this show was scheduled for March 2021 but, unsurprisingly, was postponed and is now pencilled in for mid February 2022.  Before that some of my recent work will be shown in Changing Spaces at the Hastings Arts Forum where I will have a “wall” (August / September 2021).

Please note that most of my work is for sale.  Any enquiries regarding price, availability etc.

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